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      Retail, Salons & Spas

      Axis Global Enterprises, Inc. is a Class A general contractor, fully licensed, bonded and certified to provide construction management & design-build for Retailers, Salons and Spas.

      Our strength in this particular area comes from our ability to maximize the value and exceed the expectations of our retail and salon construction clients by consistently delivering successful projects. As one of the top 20 fastest growing companies in Hampton Roads (awarded by Inside Business), our team has a proven capacity to handle complex projects with tight timelines while consistently delivering beautiful spaces that are built to last.

      At Axis Global Enterprises, we approach each retail construction project as its own unique project. Whether you're building anew or retrofitting an existing space, our team can deliver everything that's on your shopping list.?



      (344 Beauty Bar,?Tenant Build-Out c. 2014)


      In a world where branding is everything and time is money, Axis Global Enterprises recognizes retail construction services as one of the most detail-oriented and schedule-driven sectors. Each client has unique, specialized needs that mst reflect their brand and retail construction contractors must be at the top of quality and service to ensure a flawless launch and store success.

      For more than two decades, many retailers have relied on Axis Global Enterprises for their retail construction, parking lot maintenance and security needs. From 344 Beauty Bar to Food Lion and Patrick Henry Mall, more than 250 clients throughout the Southeast have trusted Axis to build and secure their retail facilities.


      Coordination & Implementation LEED Management
      Community Outreach Planning Life Cycle Cost Analysis
      Comparative Cost Analysis Project Specfic Safety Planning
      Complete Preconstruction Services Small Business Outreach
      Detailed Budgeting & Estimating Subcontractor Procurement




      344 Beauty Bar

      Construction Build-Out

      c. 2014

      patrick henry mall

      Patrick Henry Mall

      Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection

      Fire & Life Safety,?Systems Maintenance



      food lion

      Food Lion

      Fire & Life Safety, Security Alarms

      Video Surveillance, Access Control

      Serving 450+ Locations for more than 20 years

      ?janaf shopping center

      JANAF Shopping Center

      Parking Lot Maintenance

      Sealcoating and Striping

      Serving JANAF Shopping Center for 10+ years

      ? ?


      Call, Click, or Email us today at?info@axisge.com?to learn more about our Retail and Salon / Spa capabilities and services available to you and how we can help with your next project!

      How can we help? Request an assessment today by giving us a call at 757.857.4777
      SWaM Certified
      DBE Certified
      MBE Certified
      SBA 8(a) Certified
      BCEVA Member
      HR Acre Member
      IREM Member